Are you Open to Learning

Quote: You can learn anywhere; not all classroom has four walls.  

 Article: How many times have I learned something new and felt “AWE” that which you didn’t know about. They say never stop learning, learning is a continues process. Provided you are willing to learn and open for dialogue with someone better then you or more experienced then you. It takes courage and humility to learn from someone smaller then you, or someone you don’t like. Sometime our cup is so full that it is difficult to empty our cup and be able to open for learning something new. We are social beings and right from our childhood we pick up good habits from our parents, our language, our food habits and to a very large extend our cultures. How many of you listening or reading to me, can frankly say “I learn each day something new? We live our life so robotic and programmed to an extend that we slowly stop learning.     

My Story: I still remember watching a very professional photographer and wondering to myself, when will I ever be able to click great photographs? I stumbled upon a group on a photography club in Dubai. I immediately requested to join the group and enrolled for their photo walk. It was an event we would click pictures of Dubai marina. I was bit hesitant in the beginning, of how they would accept me as a beginner. But to my surprised I met Jane from Singapore who was 10 years younger than me who told me about shutter speed, aperture, ISO and light exposure. By the end of the 3 hours of photo walk I felt much learned and was able to take good photographs that evening. I thank that day till today, if I didn’t be vulnerable to learning and was humble enough to learn. I would have never achieved my desire to learn photography.         

Action for the Day: What have you always wanted to learn but neglected all this while. Today go ahead and reach out to your learning goal.     

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “You can learn anywhere; not all classroom has four walls”

Leave your comments if you started to learn something , you always wanted to learn.

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