Fear is Good

Quote: Everything you wanted is on the other side of Fear” Jack Canfield

 Article: As humans we are all naturally fear phobic creatures. Whenever we see danger our brain alarms us to fight or flight. Our brain constantly protects us from falling in any kind of harm physical, mental or emotional. And this security mechanism by nature becomes more prevalent in our day to day life.  We either our influenced with other people fears or sometime with our own disillusion of our mind. There are many types of fears, the most common today is the fear of failing or the fear of what others will say.

Fear is good for us, I say this because it defines our own purpose on this planet, it tests who we are, the absence of the other makes us realize that peace and success can only be enjoyed once you have conquered yourself and your fear.

My story: We rather be safe within our own comfort zone and never challenge the norms. I remember my personal story in 2018, I was asked to raise a toast for my own brother’s wedding; I spent days and night worrying about what if my speech is not good, what will people say, they will keep me names, they will laugh at me. I became a self-pity moron. I read a lot of self-help books and the message I got was “Do MORE OFTEN that which makes you Fear”. Practice Practice Practice

Thanks to my public speaking friends, I realized it is normal to have fear. Fear is an illusion of all the preambles which are created in our minds, of things that appear real. Why worry about that which is not yet happened or what might never happen? All of us are made special and I tell you, you have all it takes to make a difference in your life. Believe in your own self and trust that what is making your fearful. Take that first step and repeat it each day.   

Action for the Day: Do that one thing today which you have been fearing for a longtime. Believe you can do it, repeat it every day and you will be pleasantly surprised, how it was just an illusion in your mind.

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “Everything you wanted is on the other side of Fear”     

Leave your comments and let us know “What is that one thing you did which you feared for a long time ?

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