Let it Go

Quote: Don’t ruin a New Day by thinking about yesterday. Let it go.  

 Article: What did you wake up thinking today. Di you wake up to anxiousness or hope of a new day with a fresh start. Why do we have so many times and days wake up thinking, what could we have done better yesterday? The best is yet to happen; that’s why we have a new day. The present as we call it. Every day we have a new balance sheet of good and goodness. If our mind is filled with yesterday’s worries, we have no space for creativity or problem solving ability for today. Every time we worry and make our internal being stressed about life and how thing have shaped up till now.     

My Story: I remember when I lost my own job few years back, I was in so much unrest and worried about all the loans, bill and food I would have to provide for my family. I would wake up very tensed and worried what would happen about my career, my future and how would I be able to take care of my family. But those days I read a lot of self-help books. And made a plan of how I would handle way forward. In a matter of few days I landed a good job and got a complete change in my career. I put action for my anxiety and worriers. Many doors open when we sit down and make a decisive action plan.

Action for the Day: I would suggest take a paper and pen, find a quiet place for 30 minutes and write down all the options you have at hand. Just write down everything that comes to your mind. From the options identify and choose the best available option and take action immediately. But stop being a prisoner of your own worries and thoughts.    

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “Don’t ruin a New Day by thinking about yesterday. Let it go”

Leave your comments if you were able to let go of the thing that were holding you back.

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