Thoughts become things

Mind your thoughts they become true

Quote: “If you realise how powerful your thoughts are, you would never think another negative thought”   

Article: when we were kids, we would look into the sky and say to a flying plane. One day I will be a pilot and I want to fly. We looked at our parents and felt when I will grow big, I will be like my dad own my own car and also go to office and make a lot of money. As children we had so many dreams and clarity of mind on what are the things we need in life. We hardly had any doubts in our upbringing and anything and everything was possible to us during our realise day. So, what changed now. Are we not the same people with the same heart and feeling? 

My Story: I remember once I was in Mumbai flipping a newspaper and a whole session of article, I read on a new city getting built in Dubai called the logistics city. I wondered to myself; wow what a city to be in called Dubai logistics city. It became my wish and dream to someday to move to Dubai and work in such a city of my dreams. Time passed by the next year I went to Dubai and worked in the logistics and supply chain sector. There came a time I got a new offer and started to work as warehouse manager. Little did I realise the dreams come true and that what your mind conceives your hands touch it. I was in Dubai working as the first warehouse manager in the Dubai logistics city. It is truly said that what you think over and over again good or bad it will show up in your reality.        

Action for the Day: Today what are the positive thoughts you want to manifest in your life. Think of them, write them down and read them once before going to sleep or first thing when you wake up. 

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “If you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you would never thing a negative thought”

Leave your comments and feedback of a incident which happened in your own life how one single positive thought made the change in your life. Share it with others

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