Mind your Words

Mind your Words

Quote: Your words are an extension to your thoughts, change your words and you’ll change your Life” Louise Hay”

 Article: We are Social Beings, inevitably we come in contact with hundreds of people in a day. We also communicate our words, our thoughts and our ideas.  Have you realized the words we communicate with each other, can influence who we become? Some of the communication is positive and others negative that which can leave lasting impact on our life.  All these words get stored in our conscious or subconscious mind.  

History bears witness to great leaders who influenced humanity with their powerful words; leader Martin Luther king, Mahatma Gandhi, nelson Mandala and mother Teresa they were ordinary people but due to their influential words and action they changed the course of history and continue to shape our world even to this day.    

My Story: Words have energy you can empower someone or destroy them. I remember my personal story while my cousins visited me during Christmas holidays, they always made me feel low when I didn’t speak good English, their comments tormented my self-confidence, so much so I used to stay far away school elocution, raising toast or even public opinions in office or personal life.

Thanks to my mentors and their encouraging words, they helped me become a positive motivator in life. We engage each day in self talking and belittling ourselves; due to our self-doubts and low emotions the words we speak will also be less encouraging and depressing in nature. But on the others hand if our words are like honey they will spread sweet, colorful and aromatic influence on others life; in turn make you a better motivator and speaker.  

Action for the Day: Encourage someone today with your compassionate words; you have the ability to change your own life by the powers of the words you speak with others.    

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “Your words are an extension to your thoughts, change your words and you’ll change your Life”

Leave your comments if it was really difficult at times to mind your words. Did you manage to be kind with your words ?

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