Power Within You is More then the power of the World

Power within you is greater than power of the World

Quote: “You are the most powerful magnet in the world, you have unfathomable power to attract anything you desire”    

Article: Our whole life we have been looking for answers outside and trying to copy others how they have become successful and lead a meaningful life for themselves and their families. Do you know that all the answers that you seek in the external world are right within yourself? We are so busy in the world today that we fail to introspect within us. Our higher self or conciseness whatever you call it, is made to achieve of all that we desire. We just need to sit meditate and re-align our self-daily to that what we want. And avoid spending all our energy on negative things of that what we don’t want.   

My Story: I was a new beginner in toastmaster’s club, and I had to start delivering my first speech in the club level contest. I prepared myself by seeing lot of videos and motivational speeches of various people. I was wondering to myself as to how good those speakers on the YouTube videos are. I am not even 10% of how they speak with confidence and so well they deliver their voices etc. That day I made a decision that I too will become like them or better than them. This simple “YES” to myself made all the changes within me. I started to attract all that was required for me to become a good public speaker. I found many learning and technique that people use for public speaking which I referred and also brought the unique essence out of me which made it unique to my own style.      

Action for the Day: What do you want to attract in your life???. Think life as a Big Gennie and the world is your catalogue. You are free to attract and order anything that your heart desires, go ahead and order good heath, good finances, good life partner, a child in your marriage, healing from a disease. Start attracting good thing in your life like a magnet. You are the most powerful magnet …Work on it each day.   

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “You are the most power magnet in the world, you have unfathomable power to attract anything you desire”    

Leave us your comments when you wished for something and it came true. Share with other readers and it will help them believe in the power within each of us.

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