What if it goes Right

Quote: “Stop Being afraid of what can go wrong, Start being excited about what can go right” Tony Robbins   

 Article: Our biggest challenge today is that we have developed a lot of risk attitude, a fear mentality. I called it the BUT HA people. We hear and see so much negative news and always ponder, what will happen if the next move I am making will not work out. I brain sends us signal of all the adversities which will come upon us if we fail. What if we lose all our money, what if people mock and laugh at me. I have reached a reputable position in my society. We create such imaginary walls against our own capabilities. They say great leaders and innovators took action and were willing to try, because they had the CAN DO mentality. Every action has a reaction, but instead of focusing on the bad or wrong output. What if we focus on the good output? What If it works in y our favor?       

My Story: I remember couples of years back my wife and me were thinking how can we have a second income when the market condition was not good. We didn’t want to take the chance with the little money we had with us. So we kept on thinking and over thinking. We had to tackle questions of our mind “what if the business fails and we go in debt? What we did was identified few business consultant, made our research, understood the risk and its impact. We kept aside money to set up the business and got started. To our surprise, the business picked up within 3 of 4 months of starting up. Has we not taken the steps of starting, we would still be under the analysis and paralysis stage.          

Action for the Day: What are you thinking from a long period to time to get started?  Start it today, talk to the experts, read, find out, take that first baby step, have faith and go for it.     

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “Stop Being afraid of what can go wrong, Start being excited about what can go right”


Leave your comments if you started something and you feel it will go right.

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