Stay Happy You Deserve It

You deserve to be happy

“You deserve life full of happiness and positivity”

Quote: “You deserve life full of happiness and positivity”    

Article: Today in this world around us we only hear news which is not very positive. Daily we hear how so many people have inflicted pain due to religion, climate change and flights between countries etc. You are bound to have a negative spirit by just listening to such news and conversations. What do you do in order to remain positive? It’s a very simple answer; stay away from negative zone.  It is possible to do that today. Just unfollow such news, people and all events, where you could be pulled into listening negative and unhappy news. Don’t we all deserve to be happy and positive with our lives and more so with the spirit that resides in us ??? 

My Story: As I woke up each day I had a very good habit, I loved to read the newspaper to find out about the news of the world. I liked to cover the topics like politics, about region, and of the world leaders. My day wouldn’t start without reading the newspaper. I even remember if someday the newspaper boy delivered the newspaper late, I would scream at the newspaper boy. But in time I realized the cause of my unhappiness was this daily news. My life had become sorrowful by reading this daily news. I adopted a new style to stop reading any news. And I saw a sudden change in my life. I noticed, I was more peaceful and mindful with my life. I was not negative anymore.  

Action for the Day: What are the things, people or media you are hooked on to that saliently is making your life negative. As an action for the day, can you stop such negative news, such negative people or even stop following some of the social media pages.   

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “You deserve life full of happiness and positivity”    

Please leave your comments and share your story how what you have done own your past when stop a negative habit ; that in turn made you more positive

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