Your Mental peace is Important

Quote: “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your Inner Peace” Dalai Lama  

 Article: Do you find yourself at times getting annoyed with the behavior of another person. How you wish this person leaves away from your life. People have various motives in life and they have their own agenda. Why bother for that which you cannot control or worst try to change. Many of us rent a permanent place in our brains for people who tend to be negative influencers. Why destroy your peace of mind wasting on thoughts about such people? If the discussion is not productive then I suggest it is better removed from your system and enhance your own mental peace. Many a times we carry thoughts of how we were made to feel low or self-sabotage our abilities and capability; this surge destroys us of who we really are. I ask this question? Is it worst it, that which might cause health issues for yourself.          

My Story: I remember this story of 2 monks Tha Chi and Ma Chi crossing the banks of a river, with the water being chest level high. They see a beautiful lady Somani waiting for help to cross the river. Just as Somani saw the monks about to cross the river. She requested for help to cross the river. Tha Chi happily carried this beautiful lady on his shoulders and dropped her on the other side of the river. Ma Chi after witnessing the whole episode was not able to accept the fact that a monk Tha Chi carried this beautiful woman on his own shoulders. So Ma Chi speaks to Tha Chi and expresses his anger. Tha Chi looked at Ma Chi and said, well I dropped the beautiful lady long back and why are you still carrying her in your mind.            

Action for the Day: What are the things we carry in our minds long after they are already finished and over. Today can you resole such Issues you are carrying and renting space in your brain for free. You will feel at peace once you let them go. Do that today.      

Let me reminder you the quote for the day “Do not let the behavior of others destroy your Inner Peace”

Leave your comment and let us know what did you get rid off from your head ; what which you were holding long time.

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